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Now that we?ve looked at what kinds of bets should be avoided, here are some
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There are a few all-encompassing ideas that will improve the quality of your wagers and
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Rule 3: Bet selectively
Not every game in every sport is a ?bettable game;? that is Cheap New York Giants Jerseys , just because Vegas
and the local bookies put out lines for it doesn?t mean you have to put money on it. Many
novices to the world of sports wagering crave action, and because of this, get tempted
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Think back to the First Rule of sports wagering: treating your wagers as an
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performance during the game in question. The line at which you bet on a team is
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stock, don?t pay more than you feel a team is worth. However, like stocks Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , lines change,
and a previously unbettable game may become bettable later in the week, or vice versa.
We?ll explore this in the next section.
A second issue to address is the ?double or nothing? mentality that many bettors
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championship series in other sports. As we will continue to emphasize, such breaks from
one?s overall betting patterns do not pay off in the long run, and can compound already
increasing losses if done out of reckless desperation.

Rule 4: Always try to find middles and sides
A ?middle? is the term for when fluctuations in the line result in the possibility for
a bettor to win both sides of a game. Bookmakers count on roughly half of their bettors to
pick bet on each team?this is how they make money. Imagine their fear, then, when
roughly half of their bettors pick each team? and both halves win! In the situation
above Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , imagine if the early sports books in Las Vegas had listed the Jaguars as 3.5 point
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Jaguars won by three points, anyone who picked the Bengals at +3.5 early in the week
would have won? and anyone who picked the Jaguars late in the week would have also
TIP: Keep an eye out for the possibility of catching a side or a middle. While the Las
Vegas Sports Consultants generally do a good job of making lines that won?t move
around enough to make the possibility of middles terribly likely, on occasion you will
find the chance to exploit these opportunities.

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